Friends                       Erin go Braless      
  The pictures below were taken at the Butterfly Lounge in Costa Mesa, Ca..  It is Orange County's first size acceptance club.  The Butterfly Lounge website has a ton of pictures in it's photo gallery.  You'll meet people of all ages (over 21), sizes and shapes and some of the friendliest people you'll find. They have butterfly hostesses to welcome you and to help introduce you around. You can see me as a butterfly hostess down below.   They have different theme nights.  The pictures just below were taken on Mardi Gras night.  Often, the first Saturday of each month is Nightie Night.  You'll see pictures from the Nightie Night I went to on my next page called "Lace".      
  Kathleen, BF promoter shooting pool me and Diva Dana        
  want a drink? shooter girl thristy?        
  mercy from me and Seven at the bar at the old Brea location hot pinkme, Pandora,        
  me and Kisses Galore me and Cher me as the butterfly mascot a butterfly        
  The pictures below were taken in Hollywood with Subgirlie        
  Nancy, Jo, Pam, and Betty caution! Dolly Parton star, Hollywood Walk of Fame Jo, Nancy        
                         Erin Go Braless